Adrenal Cocktail Recipes (Fight Fatigue & Support Adrenals)

adrenal cocktail recipes
Adrenal cocktail is a mineral mixture which nourishes adrenals and helps keep Magnesium in balance with other electrolytes. This mixture was developed by Susan Blackard, NP, ND, PhD. 
Adrenal cocktail provides you with the combination of natural vitamin C, salt (for trace minerals), and potassium and it is easily absorbed into the body to quickly be used by adrenal glands.
Adrenal cocktail should be taken on an empty stomach and should have nothing added to it. Consume it twice a day at 10 A.M and 2 P.M. (or an hour before or after breakfast and lunch).
ADRENAL COCKTAIL RECIPE #1 (Original recipe)
(Consume cocktail twice a day, at 10 A.M. and 2 P.M. on an empty stomach)
4 oz. Orange Juice, freshly squeezed
1/4 tsp Sea Salt (Redmond Real Salt or any other unrefined sea salt)
ADRENAL COCKTAIL RECIPE #2 (Alternative recipe)
8 oz Coconut Water
60+mg Whole Food Vitamin C (any of the recommended brands below)
ADRENAL COCKTAIL RECIPE #3 (Alternative recipe)
4 oz purified water
60+mg Whole Food Vitamin C (any of the recommended brands below)
adrenal cocktail recipe
Optional adrenal support:
  • You can take Ashwagandha root as an optional adrenal support supplement. The founder of the Magnesium advocacy group Morley Robbins suggests taking Gaia Herbs Ashwagandha.
A pre-mixed adrenal cocktail powder: 
Whole food vitamin C sources:
Recommended sea salt types and/or brands:

Information Source: Magnesium Advocacy Group



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