Children’s High-Calcium Tea Recipe

Children's High-Calcium Tea Recipe

This homemade calcium tea is good for children who are teething or undergoing growth spurts. The recipe author is Rosemary Gladstar, a herbalist and author of several books. This tea tastes pretty good, and my children loved the taste. Children’s High-Calcium Tea Recipe Ingredients: 3 parts Rosehips 2 parts Lemon…

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Adrenal Cocktail Recipes (Fight Fatigue & Support Adrenals)

adrenal cocktail recipes

Adrenal cocktail is a mineral mixture which nourishes adrenals and helps keep Magnesium in balance with other electrolytes. This mixture was developed by Susan Blackard, NP, ND, PhD.    Adrenal cocktail provides you with the combination of natural vitamin C, salt (for trace minerals), and potassium and it is easily…

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Magnesium drink with Vitamin C and Apple cider Vinegar (Recipe)

magnesium drink

This Magnesium drink is a combination of Magnesium, Vitamin C and Apple cider Vinegar. All three ingredients are known super foods with lots of health benefits. Magnesium makes us calmer, improves the quality of sleep; vitamin C boosts the immune system; organic apple cider vinegar aids in detoxing the body. I…

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