Best way to Restore Magnesium Levels in 5 easy Steps


Nowadays magnesium deficiency is very common and most people do not even realize that they are deficient in it. When the body is deficient in magnesium the cells in the body begin to malfunction, which can lead to severe health problems starting with fatigue and ending with sudden cardiac death.…

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Homemade Herbal Multivitamin Tea Blend for Children & Adults

multivitamin tea

This homemade homemade multivitamin tea tastes really good! It is packed with lots of nutrients, does not have any bitterness, and it’s all natural. This tea includes dried herbs like alfalfa, stinging nettle, rosehips, dandelion roots, red raspberry leaves and oatstraw. I got this multivitamin tea recipe from Meagan Visser’s…

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Detox Bath Recipes for Children

detox bath

Our children and ourselves are surrounded by lots of pollutants we come into contact every single day. We breath in more toxins than we can imagine because of chemtrails, gases from cars, fumes and smoke, factory waste, radiation, and a lot more! What we can do is to try to detox the…

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