Raw STRAWBERRY CASHEW SAUCE for Pancakes and Waffles

raw strawberry cashew sauce for pancakes and waffles recipe - organicbiomama.com

This strawberry cashew sauce is made of raw cashews and strawberries. It’s thick, creamy, and yummy! This cashew sauce pairs well with soaked buckwheat pancakes, or any other pancakes or waffles. By the way, the recipe contains vanilla extract. Do not use alcohol-based vanilla extract in this recipe as it…

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Two-minute Avocado oil Mayonnaise Recipe

how to make avocado mayonnaise in 2 minutes

This avocado mayonnaise recipe is my go-to recipe when I need some mayo for my culinary projects. It’s ready in two minutes, there are no tons of dishes to wash after making it, and it’s super easy to make. This mayo recipe is hard to fail if you use an…

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