Homemade Herbal Multivitamin Tea Blend for Children & Adults

multivitamin tea

This homemade homemade multivitamin tea tastes really good! It is packed with lots of nutrients, does not have any bitterness, and it’s all natural. This tea includes dried herbs like alfalfa, stinging nettle, rosehips, dandelion roots, red raspberry leaves and oatstraw. I got this multivitamin tea recipe from Meagan Visser’s…

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“Falling Asleep” Bath Bombs for Restful Sleep

sleep bath bomb

Try these if you have difficulties with sleeping! I fall dead asleep as soon as I close my eyes without any baths or alike, but kids are another story 🙂 Fun to make these bombs with children and then using them in their baths. The bath bombs get fizzy when…

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