Beet Salad with Walnuts and Mayo

BEET SALAD with Walnuts and Mayo –

This beet salad with walnuts and mayo is one of my favorites. It’s full of nutrients and the taste is rich and creamy. This beet salad is made with boiled beets, roasted or raw walnuts, fresh garlic, and mayonnaise. I use homemade mayo for this recipe. You can also add…

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OLIVIER SALAD “Olivye” – Vegetable & Egg Salad with Mayo

olivier salad recipe - - salat olivye

Olivier salad is a traditional Russian salad, which is very popular. Olivier salad contains canned green peas, boiled potatoes, carrots, boiled eggs, pickles, sausage, and mayonnaise. I use homemade mayo for this salad. It’s okay to use store-bought mayo as it won’t change the flavor of the salad, however, if…

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greek salad recipe

This is a traditional greek salad recipe with the addition of lettuce. If you really want a real classic greek salad, omit the lettuce. If you want a delicious salad, then add the lettuce back:-) Jokes aside, I can’t imagine this salad without lettuce. I wouldn’t make it at all…

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This Korean cucumber salad recipe is delicious both when freshly made or fermented. It slightly ferments after a few days. I like when this cucumber salad is fermented after staying in the fridge for a week. It might not be a real Korean salad, it’s more like a Russian-Korean salad.…

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Korean Spinach Salad Recipe

korean spinach salad

This Korean spinach salad is one of my favorites! You can pair it with any food you like. Spinach needs to be slightly cooked because of its high oxalate content. Oxalates may contribute to kidney stones. Heat destroys oxalates and that is why I slightly cook the spinach before consuming…

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Korean Kimchi & Fermented Carrot Sticks

Our family loves kimchi and my boys like snacking on fermented carrot sticks. Kimchi is a Lacto-fermented cabbage with added spices and vegetables like ginger, garlic, onions, green onions or chives, and others. Kimchi is one of the best sources of probiotics which is essential for gut health. A healthy…

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