Best way to Restore Magnesium Levels in 5 easy Steps


Nowadays magnesium deficiency is very common and most people do not even realize that they are deficient in it. When the body is deficient in magnesium the cells in the body begin to malfunction, which can lead to severe health problems starting with fatigue and ending with sudden cardiac death.…

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Best Protein-rich Foods

protein rich foods

Protein is a macro-nutrient composed of amino acids. It builds the muscle mass, contributes to metabolism, enhances immunity, improves the mood, promotes healthy brain function, protects heart health, helps maintain strong bones, and promotes longevity. Tip: Make sure that 30% of your plate contains a high-quality protein at every meal.…

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Detox Bath Recipes for Children

detox bath

Our children and ourselves are surrounded by lots of pollutants we come into contact every single day. We breath in more toxins than we can imagine because of chemtrails, gases from cars, fumes and smoke, factory waste, radiation, and a lot more! What we can do is to try to detox the…

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“Falling Asleep” Bath Bombs for Restful Sleep

sleep bath bomb

Try these if you have difficulties with sleeping! I fall dead asleep as soon as I close my eyes without any baths or alike, but kids are another story 🙂 Fun to make these bombs with children and then using them in their baths. The bath bombs get fizzy when…

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