Hi! Thank you for visiting my website! 🙂

My name is Feruza. I am from Uzbekistan.

I am a stay-at-home mom of two beautiful boys and have a wonderfully supportive husband. With all my love for them, I try to nourish my family with wholesome foods always experimenting and trying new recipes. Not all recipes suit us as each of the family members has their own unique preferences. As I try new recipes, sometimes I like the results, and sometimes I am disappointed. I felt I was in need of my own corner where I could collect all of my favorite recipes without losing them. And here it is!

We are what we eat!

The food is for nourishing the body and it is the main rule in my kitchen. We are what we eat. I believe each bite we put in our mouth makes us healthier or sicker.

I like simplicity, speed, wholesome ingredients, and, of course, the taste!

I have all sort of recipes, including vegan, gluten-free, and others. But I am not vegan, nor I am 100% gluten-free. I am OK with organic heirloom grains and I love my homemade rye sourdough bread!

My hobbies

I try to avoid chemicals in skincare products,  household items, and everything. I usually prefer making them myself. I will share my experiences and trials here as well.

I am interested in knitting and sewing! But I have no time for it right now lol.

I love reading. I prefer reading books about nutrition, wellness, education, the universe, and everything related.

I love shopping, as probably all women do, but I do try not to clutter up. Fewer the items – more organized the house. And more free time to spend on myself or with kids.

My education

I have a Master’s degree in Graphic Design & Multimedia and Bachelor’s degree in IT Management. I am willing to continue my education in Holistic Nutrition in the near future.

My mother language is Uzbek. I do speak Russian too. I also speak English. I am still learning, so forgive my small or big errors in orthography, spelling, or writing. I do know basic Korean and Turkish languages as well.

Why “Organic Bio Mama”?

I am not certified organic 😀 I also don’t eat 100% organic. “Organic Bio Mama” means as a Mom I try to nourish my children the right way the same as our ancestors did. Everything was organic back then. Nowadays it is a harder task & not always possible. In fact, I am an ordinary mom who tries her best and does not always achieve that. Trying what really matters. Let’s try together!

Welcome to my corner of tasty nourishing food recipes and other useful tips!

I hope you enjoy!


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