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How I Made my Kids take Fermented Cod Liver Oil without a Drama

fermented cod liver oil

Why fermented cod liver oil?

Weston Price foundation recommends fermented cod liver oil as a super food, which naturally contains lots of essential nutrients like vitamin A, D, Omega-3 fats and other nutrients in abundance. I trust the healing power of the fermented cod liver oil myself, because I experienced clear health benefits. When my oldest son was a year old, I saw a little cavity behind his teeth. It was a tiny hole with no staining. At that time, I was only learning about the healing power of certain foods and the impact of nutrition on the health of teeth. I started giving fermented cod liver oil and butter oil combination to my son and in two weeks his cavity healed up! I could not believe my eyes! Since then I am a believer.

How I Made my Kids take Fermented Cod Liver Oil

You can force your children to take the blend every time, but this method is not the best. Making the process fun is a better approach.

Long story short.

Here are the solutions that worked for me and some mistakes to avoid:

  1. Start early. When he is used to the taste from the young age, most likely he won’t mind the taste later.
  2. When you offer the cod liver oil for the first time, make it palatable! If your child hates the taste when he first tries it, then he hates it forever. Mix in some honey or maple syrup. We use cinnamon flavored cod liver oil, which is sweetened with stevia. It is good without any extra sweeteners, however I would still add in some tiny amount of honey or maple syrup if the cod liver oil thing is new to them. I stopped adding sweeteners when my children got used to taking cod liver oil periodically.
  3. I first offered the plain version (non-flavored cod liver oil) to my children (never do that lol), which made them hate the taste. Then I bought a cinnamon flavored fermented cod liver oil, put some in a spoon, added some Kid-e-mins liquid vitamin. It took me some efforts and time till I convinced them to try the new blend. They loved the new blend. Then I replaced the Kid-e-mins with honey (because I did not want them to ingest glycerin in Kid-e-mins any more). Sometimes I would use a maple syrup since it was easier to mix in. Then I stopped adding anything.
  4. I always prepare a cup of clean plain water before offering my children the cod liver oil blend. They hold the cup of water, swallow the oil and drink the water. They will not swallow the oil if I do not offer them water first.
  5. Make it fun! When my youngest starts refusing (which happens sometimes), I get a big dropper which I use to make gelly gummy bears. I get the cod liver oil blend to the dropper and direct the dropper to his mouth. He likes eating from the dropper, because it is fun! I squirt the dropper content to his mouth, then he drinks it up with water with no problem. Syringe is fun too.  Dropper and syringe have never failed yet. The problem is you waste some amount of oil when you use a dropper.
  6. Sometimes I cover the cod liver oil and butter oil blend with AlgaeCal Mango Flavored Triple Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement. It tastes delicious and children rarely resist it. It smells great and has a bright orange (turmeric) color. I keep it in my fridge for any case and use it to mask the cod liver oil or vitamin C blends.
  7. Make fat bombs with butter oil, cod liver oil, cinnamon, and honey. Freeze into teddy bear or other shapes using special silicon molds.
  8. Make homemade popsicles with cod liver oil and butter oil in them. You can mix Cinnamon flavored fermented cod liver oil, high vitamin butter oil, coconut milk, banana, strawberries or blueberries, flax seeds, ghee, elderberry syrup, little celtic or himalayan salt and freeze into popsicles. This method did not work for me, but may work for you.
  9. Adding FCLO to smoothies sounds like an idea, but the cod liver oil taste is too strong and it may or may not work. This method did not work for us (I tried once). My children did not like their fishy smoothie.
  10. Another great method I learned from other moms. Put FCLO into the syringe (add very little at first). Make the child sip a juice and then give her/him the syringe, then hand him/her the shot glass of juice so she could finish it. Gradually increase the amount of oil in the syringe every day until it is the full dose.  Do not let the child have any juice outside of taking the cod liver oil to keep this method effective.
  11. You could try the kids’ version of the fermented cod liver oil, which I never did.
  12. If nothing above works, apply the blend to the diaper area. The skin will absorb the cod liver oil and pass it to the bloodstream. (Source)

If you have any other effective methods that you frequently use, please share in the comments section! Thank you! 🙂

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  1. Aesha says:


    Thank you for the informative blog n update. I m mother of 20 months old daughter n she has got cavities in four of her front teeth n I feel very bad about it. Did you notice any reason for your kids decay? Could it be breastfeeding at night or lack of nutrition or both. I really want to heal her decay naturally,don’t want to let her go through sedation. Also if you could suggest me seem diet tips as you healed their cavities naturally.
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Feruza says:

      You are welcome!

      Actually, breastfeeding at night does not contribute to tooth decay. It is the deficiency of minerals and fat-soluble vitamins that cause decays (plus sugars, phytic acid in whole grains, and others). I highly suggest you the book of Ramiel Nagel “Cure Tooth Decay”. Everything is explained really well in his book. Please, let me know how it goes.

    2. You may want to check for tongue tie as well.

      1. organicbiomama says:

        Good point! Tongue tie may cause cavities too!

  2. Hi, thank you for the information! So helpful for a momma in need! So just to clarify, you give your babes the dosage of the fclo and hvbo blend in cinnamon tingle and that’s it? So just a spoonful straight out of jar and the babes oblige? I definitely need something, as my 3 year old has spots on her 4 front teeth and is the pickiest. Just scared that she’s not going to eat it. Again thank you!

    1. organicbiomama says:

      Hi! You are welcome!

      I mix CLO and HVBO in a spoon and give to my big babies. I prepare a cup of water beforehand. They hold the cup of water, then swallow the oil mixture. Drink the water and that’s it. I sometimes give some small amount of raw honey after they swallow the oils. Some days I forget, but generally it is a routine and my children are not horrified when I offer them the oils. They used to hate it, but after they got used to it, no problem. I noticed the cavities hardened and not progressing. Of course, there more things to consider when dealing with cavities (unsoaked grains, mineral deficiencies, too much sweet fruits… ).

      Please, let me know how it goes!

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