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Herbal Calcium Formula Recipe – Dr. Christopher’s Calc Tea

Dr. Christopher’s calcium formula is a blend of herbs rich in calcium, silica, and other minerals. This herbal calcium is popular for strengthening bones and remineralizing teeth (healing dental cavities) naturally. This herbal calcium blend tastes really good. It’s not bitter or unpleasant at all.

Herbal Calcium Testimonials

Tooth grows back: “My oldest daughter aged 13 now, had a dental cavity at age 7 (the only dental cavity among our six children). We had the cavity drilled out and a filling put in by our local dentist. Two years later, the filling came out and a hole was left in her tooth. Nothing more was done about it except the herbal calcium formula that you recommend in your book, School of Natural Healing, made up of: comfrey, horsetail, oat straw, and lobelia. This combination of herbs has been used very consistently by the entire family over the last two years. We have recently discovered that the hole where the filling was is now completely grown over and is absolutely unnoticeable even under close inspection.” (source)

herbal calcium formula

How to make Calcium tea (Recipe)

Dr.Christopher’s Calcium Tea – “Calc tea” Recipe


How to make calc tea:

  1. Measure the herbs using a scale, then place them in a large bowl or a mason jar. Cover the lid well and shake to mix.

Note: If you don’t want to make it, you can buy it premixed on Amazon: Dr. Christopher’s Calc Tea (16 oz) 

How to prepare Calc tea (Methods)

Method #1: Fresh tea method

Fresh calcium tea


  • 1 heaping teaspoon of Calc tea herb mixture (recipe above)
  • 1 cup Distilled water

How to make a fresh calcium tea:

  1. Boil the water, pour over the herbs. Cover and let cool, then strain out the herbs.
  2. Put the strained tea back on the stove and simmer it down to 1/2 volume.
  3. Drink within a day. (Or add 1/3 volume honey and apple cider vinegar for longer shelf life, see the below method)

Method #2: Calc tea with a long shelf life

Calc tea with a long shelf life


How to make calcium tea with a long shelf life:

  1. Let the herbs sit in the boiling water for 30 seconds. Cover and let cool. Heat back up nearly to boiling. Strain the herbs out.
  2. Add honey to 1/3 the volume of the tea. For example, if you have three cups of tea, add 1 cup of honey.
  3. To this mixture, add 1/3 volume of raw apple cider vinegar. For example, if you have three cups of tea, add 1 cup of honey, and 1 cup of apple cider vinegar. So now, you have 5 cups in total.
  4. This mixture will keep in the fridge indefinitely.


  • For children: 4 Tablespoons a day
  • For adults: 1/2 cup a day or more


  • A child who used this recipe had no more cavities taking 3 tablespoons of the mixture per day in about 2 months.

Method #3: Strong Calcium Decoction 


  • 1 oz of Calc tea
  • 1.5 pint of Water

How to make a strong calcium decoction:

Bring to a boil and gently simmer for 20-30n minutes. Drain the liquid while hot, and press the herbs to fully extract the decoction. (source)

Note: Please, do some research on comfrey root before trying the blend. Some sources say it may harm the liver. I did my research, and I am comfortable taking the blend myself. This post is not medical advice. Please, do your own research. 



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  1. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for this!

  2. Kim says:

    Thank you for sharing these recipes on herbal calcium. I’m fairly new to following Dr. Christopher’s work and I do drink Comfrey infusion often using the leaves. I watched a week long Comfrey Conference on Susun Weed’s Wise Woman School a couple of years ago- very informative as I think we’ve forgotten how valuable this plant is. Also last year the same website offered a St. John’s Wort/St. Joan’s Wort Conference and this year’s focus will be on Red Clover, ahhh the magic of plant medicines for healing🌿🌹🌻

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