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Silky Soft Custard (Gluten-free)

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custardSometimes I want something sweet for an occasional treat. Naturally sweet. I am still looking for good recipes where sugar is substituted with raisins or dates or something alike. No such favorite recipe yet, but I am looking. This custard recipe has coconut sugar as an ingredient. Coconut sugar is not refined and is a better substitute for refined sugar.

Standard custard recipes call for sugar, white flour, eggs, and milk. I followed those recipes and tried to substitute some ingredients with unrefined ingredients like rapadura, coconut sugar, sprouted whole wheat flour. My attempts were not successful as heating milk and unrefined sugar resulted in curdling of the milk, whole wheat flour did not provide that expected silky smooth consistency of the custard. The result was a grainy something.

Below is the recipe of a silky smooth custard which can be used as a filling for cakes, etc.

I used potato starch, coconut sugar, fresh grass-fed milk, and grass-fed butter to make this custard. The consistency came out really smooth and fluffy! Tastes yummy too.

The only refined ingredient in this recipe is a potato starch, which is still gluten-free. 

The vanilla paste I used contains sugar, but it has such amazing delicious flavor which is uncomparable to other vanilla extracts I used before. Also, I can live with that tiny amount of sugar in this vanilla paste which is not used in huge amounts. It is up to you, it is an optional ingredient.

The custard is sweet, so if you wish you can reduce the coconut sugar to about 1/2 cup.

Don’t just dump all the ingredients into the pot at once. Do not do this if you don’t want a grainy custard with curdled milk in it.

If you want that silky texture, follow the recipe instructions:-)



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