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Nourishing Quiche for Breakfast

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nourishing quiche

When I saw this recipe and checked the ingredient content I loved it.  The recipe seemed very easy and I had almost all the ingredients on my hand so I decided to give it a try. I adapted the recipe from the book “Super Nutrition for Babies” by Mary Enig, Elrich. I was hoping it might become the next favorite meal for my children. I never know until I try.

So I decided to try it.

This quiche came out nice, the filling did not fall apart when cut, the crust was soft, not crumbly and held the filling nicely. The recipe calls for arrowroot starch and coconut flour which are unrefined and considered a healthy substitute for the regular refined white flour. I don’t bake with arrowroot starch very often, and while I know that coconut flour is considered a healthy food, I could not make myself love it yet. I am trying to find some good recipes with coconut flour which I could use regularly and love it.

The taste. It was not the best for me, but that is probably my own fault. The recipe calls for lard (I don’t it it) and I used lamb fat which has kind of strong specific taste. I think lard could be substituted with coconut oil too. I substituted cheese with cream cheese as I found out I ran out of cheese.  And the crust. My taste buds were not excited, maybe that’s just me.

Will I make it again? Yes, probably, but I will substitute the lard with coconut oil or butter next time and will make a crust with organic wheat flour. But that’s about my taste buds, others may love the recipe.

It is VERY FILLING. You won’t feel hungry for a long time if you have this quiche for breakfast or any other meal time.  This quiche can be given to children as a nourishing meal.

If you want this quiche for breakfast then begin the process before going to bed. The dough needs an overnight soak.



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