Preparing for Ramadan: Planning Ahead & Healthy Suhoor Meal Ideas


Ramadan is coming! Yay! It’s time to prepare our kitchen and plan the meals and the menu beforehand (which I am still working on right now). It’s best to plan Ramadan ahead as most likely you will not want to do that during fasting hours. Especially if you have small children. I think preparing for Ramadan beforehand is very important to be able to focus on more important things rather than food and cooking during this holy month. Also, it’s better to plan ahead because we tend to make poor food choices when ravenous. 

Preparing for Ramadan Healthy Meals Healthy Suhoor

Organize the Kitchen

⇒ Freeze ahead meals, sauces, and rice (if you eat it) before Ramadan, so you don’t have to cook when you are too hungry. 

⇒ Buy bulk food items which can be kept in a pantry to avoid extra frequent shopping later: dates, olive oil, rice, chickpeas, lentils, spices, etc.

⇒ Freezing foods and meat is a great idea which eliminates cooking during the week.

⇒ Plan ahead what you want to cook in the next few days and purchase fresh groceries accordingly. 

Plan Suhoor (Suhur) Morning Meals Beforehand

Planning morning meals in Ramadan is especially important. The morning meal should give you a prolonged energy and should not make you very thirsty. The most important thing is that the meals should be nourishing and healthy.

Ideas for planning morning Sohour meals: 

  • Take 1/2 teaspoon of local Bee Pollen every morning. Start slow with a lower amount at first, to avoid allergies. Bee pollen is rich in B vitamins and minerals to keep you energized throughout the day. 
  • Make sure to include Protein in your morning meals. Protein delays hunger and provides energy. Best sources of protein: eggs, meat, fish, nuts, yogurt, beans, quality protein powder. 
  • Foods that provide long-lasting energy are protein, complex carbohydrates, and high-fiber foods. Complex carbs: oats, beans, whole wheat, whole grain. High-fiber foods: raw and unpeeled fruits and vegetables, flaxseeds. 
  • Make sure to include Healthy fats in your morning meals: coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, fish, nuts and seeds, grass-fed butter, grass-fed cream, grass-fed ghee
  • Try to avoid refined carbohydrates: white bread, pastries, tea, coffee, sugar.
  • Avoid unhealthy and refined sugars: white sugar, sugary drinks, fruit juices, 
  • Include soaked or sprouted whole grains: oatmeal, quinoa, millet
  • Include hydrating fruits, vegetables, and drinks in your morning meals: water, lemon water, herbal tea, coconut water, 
  • You can eat leftovers from the previous evening meal for Sohour
  • You can make Smoothies with yogurt or raw grass-fed milk, avocado, kale, banana, flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and others.
  • Raw grass-fed milk and dates, or nut milk and dates
  • Yogurt with frozen fruits (we LOVE wild blueberries with yogurt) nuts and seeds, a spoon of flax seed oil or olive oil, and other frozen or fresh fruits. 
  • Porridge made with goat’s milk or other nut milk with almonds, raisins, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, and a natural sweetener (maple syrup, coconut syrup, honey or others)
  • Keep a batch of boiled eggs in the fridge. Boil more when you are running low. Eggs are a great source of protein and other nutrients.
  • Eat fruit and vegetables with high water content to stay hydrated: cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelon, oranges, lettuce, and others. Avoid juices. 

Healthy Nourishing Suhoor (Suhur) Morning Breakfast Meals

Healthy & Nourishing Suhoor breakfast meal ideas: 

  • 1-2 glasses of water + Soaked Oatmeal Porridge + Yogurt with wild blueberries and flaxseed oil + 1 banana or 1 date.
  • 1-2 glasses of filtered water + 1-2 cups of Smoothie (with avocado, banana, raw/nut milk or kefir, 1 Tbsp Flaxseeds, 1 Tbsp Chia seeds, 1-2 dates, 1/2 cup frozen strawberries, 1 leaf of Kale).
  • 1-2 glasses of filtered water and 1 date + 2-3 boiled eggs with sauteed spinach + 1 banana  + hydrating vegetable or fruit (cucumber, tomatoes, orange, watermelon) 
  • 1-2 glasses of clean water + 1-3 cups of Yogurt with wild blueberries/nuts/seeds/honey or maple syrup.
  • 1-2 glasses of clean water + 2-3 cups of soaked Lentil soup + cucumbers/tomatoes/greens
  • 1-2 glasses of clean water with 1 date + soaked Quinoa pizza + fresh salad
  • 1-2 glasses of clean water with 1 date + Egg omelet or fried eggs + Sourdough whole bread + Greens
  • 1-2 glasses of filtered water and 1 date + Boiled Eggs + vegetables
  • 1-2 glasses of filtered water and 1 date + Sprouted Buckwheat and Soaked Millet Pancakes + Hydrating Fruit or Vegetable
  • 1-2 glasses of filtered water and 1 date + cooked toasted buckwheat and eggs (fried or boiled) + slightly cooked broccoli with butter or fresh broccoli with some dipping sauce.




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