Grain free CHOCOLATE BANANA MUFFINS (Great for Healthy Lunchbox!)


If you love chocolate you will LOVE these healthy grain-free chocolate banana muffins. You will not taste the banana in them. The muffins are packed with protein, magnesium, potassium, collagen, and healthy fats. My children love them for breakfast. httpss:// Grain-free CHOCOLATE BANANA MUFFINS Ingredients: Butter or Ghee, melted –…

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Korean Spinach Salad Recipe

korean spinach salad

This Korean spinach salad is one of my favorites! You can pair it with any food you like. Spinach needs to be slightly cooked because of its high oxalate content. Oxalates may contribute to kidney stones. Heat destroys oxalates and that is why I slightly cook the spinach before consuming…

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