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Fermented Cod Liver Oil Gummies with Butter Oil (Recipe)

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fermented cod liver oil gummiesI believe in healing properties of the Fermented Cod Liver Oil (FCLO) because it helped to heal my 1-year-old child’s cavity which was behind one of his front teeth in just two weeks. I was beyond amazed!!

The problem is my kids HATE cod liver oil in any form. It was easier when they were younger, but now they just refuse to take it and run away when they see me with a spoon. I don’t like forcing. Explaining is not an option as they are still very young to explain that this strong tasting oil is good for their health.

I decided to make Gummies with fermented cod liver oil & butter oil hoping they would take it. I found a recipe in Crunchy Hot Mamas blog which I changed making it to fit my own preferences. It was very yummy, but it still had cod liver oil smell, so my oldest did not even want to try it. But my little one liked it!

UPDATE: The above story was before I “invented” a new Cod Liver Oil Blend which my kids LOVE now and ask me for it every day!

Why Fermented Cod Liver Oil (FCLO) and High-Vitamin Butter Oil (HVBO)?

Fermented cod liver oil (FCLO) is a super food which is naturally very rich in vitamins A and D, high in EPA, DHA, and Omega-3 fatty acids.

It is especially beneficial to take FCLO (Fermented Cod Liver Oil) along with High-Vitamin grass-fed (pastured) Butter oil, which has essential components like Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), Wulzen factor (supports joint health), Butyric acid (soothes intestinal wall), Arachidonic acid (AA), Omega-6 fatty acid, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin K2, vitamin E, and CoQ enzymes.

When FCLO and High-Vitamin Butter Oil (HVBO) is taken together, they provide proper essential fatty acid balance and better utilization. The author of the book “Cure Tooth Decay” Ramiel Nagel highly recommends this combination for teeth remineralization.

Weston Price Foundation recommends 1/8-1/2 teaspoon of FCLO for children (3 months-12 years), where 1/2 teaspoon equals to 2.5 ml. The blend proportion is about 2/3 FCLO and 1/3 HVBO.



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  1. Tna says:

    Hi, thank you for the gummy recipe and information! So helpful for a momma in need. Just a quick question, does the recipe call for a seperate butter oil? Or can the recipe be made with the jar of cinnamon fclo and butter oil combined? Just because the recipe calls for 1tbsp of butter oil? Thanks!

    1. organicbiomama says:

      Hi, you are welcome! I would add 3 Tbsp of the blend. It doesn’t matter if you use them separately or combined. Let me know how it goes.

  2. sam says:

    can we skip the emulsifier? also how many gummies to give to kid?

    1. organicbiomama says:

      Hi, Sam! I am not sure if you can skip the emulsifier as I used it to mix the oils and juice. As you know the oils and water cannot be mixed without emulsifiers, however you could try as I am not sure. The amount of gummies really depends on your mold. You divide the amount of FCLO used to the amount of gummies and decide how many to give. Hope it helps!

  3. Bernice Cheng says:

    Is the lecitin you used a powder or a liquid when you squeezed it out of the capsule? I used the liquid kind from the same company and it just didn’t work. The stuff never dissolved. Did you have to use a blender for it to mix? Or did you have to do something else for the sunflower lecithin to dissolve? Mine just didn’t melt even after boiling it. Any suggestions would help.


    1. organicbiomama says:

      Hi, Bernice Cheng!

      I used the liquid/paste form, which I squeezed out of a capsule. It dissolves well after some consistent stirring with a spoon. It mixes with oils and incorporates almost instantly. Was the mixture still warm when you first added the lecithin? Lecithin is harder to dissolve in water but easy to dissolve in oils in my experience. Lecithin helps to emulsify water and oils. I would try mixing it with oils first, then adding to the watery/juicy base. I added them all at the same time and they emulsified well. I am so sorry it did not work for you! Was the whole mixture emulsified at all?

  4. Can I just buy some gummies from you?!

    1. organicbiomama says:

      That sounds like a good idea, however I am having a busy schedule right now so not sure. Sorry..

  5. Cathy says:

    Thank you so much for this recipe. I’ve made it the past three weeks for my girls and they love it. They ask for their gummy every day. I mix oils honey and lechitin together first. Then I add the warm juice with gelatin. That gets every thing dissolved quickly.

    1. organicbiomama says:

      You are very welcome, Cathy! I am so excited for you and glad your children love their gummies!:-)

  6. I’m looking for ways to help heal cavities for my 4 year old. I’ve been giving her the cod liver oil in milk and then having her take spoonfuls of the butter oil. It’s getting quite painful as she is starting to fight this process every night! Because the recipe has the raw honey, would this still be appropriate for healing of cavities? I always go back and forth with the health benefits of raw honey but just wanted to make sure. Thanks!

    1. organicbiomama says:

      I can’t say for sure if the raw honey is okay when there are cavity problems, but gummies with no sweetener might not turn out great anyway:) So there is no choice and I think raw honey is safer than any other sweeteners available. You can try using stevia leaves though, but the taste may not be as good.

  7. Natalie says:

    You should make a youtube video making them. I would really appreciate it. I like to know the specifics: what brands, what size mold, how many/day. My son and me have genetically horrible teeth(I’m sorry son; whereas my husband brushes his teeth once a day and just got his first cavity in his life). Uugghhh! Frustrating! I am in diar need of help.

    1. organicbiomama says:

      Dear, Natalie! I will make a Ytube video for you and embed the link on this post soon. I also have other posts about healing cavities naturally based on my research, so you may want to take a look: httpss://
      I am sorry you are going through this, I know it is frustrating. I also have genetically bad teeth, but the power of diet is huge and my teeth are stronger than ever right now.

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