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NO FLOUR EGG CREPES – Low Carb Protein Crepe Recipe (Kid-Approved)

This healthy low carb protein crepe recipe contains absolutely no flour, meaning it is 100% gluten-free and grain-free with no phytic acid! This healthy no flour egg crepes are perfect for children.

Try making these protein crepes for breakfast for your little ones. Though these crepes tasted little eggy to me, my picky ones loved them with a little amount of maple syrup. So, I added this recipe to my healthy breakfast collection and will not hesitate to make them again.

The recipe will make about 8 crepes. Four of them were eaten by my 5-year-old, and two of them by my 7-year-old. This tells everything about this recipe. It passed the test!

This no flour egg crepes are protein-rich and rich in healthy fats. You can pair them with some healthier carbs for a balanced breakfast.

You will consume about 12 grams of protein if you eat two of these egg crepes.

NO FLOUR EGG CREPES – Low Carb Protein Crepe Recipe (Kid-Approved)

(Makes about 8 crepes, depending on your pan diameter)

Optional filling (I didn’t make it, instead I used a little maple syrup with ghee):
  • Ghee or butter – 4 Tbsp
  • 1/4 cup Coconut sugar
  • 1/2 Tbsp Cinnamon
How to make perfect low carb protein-rich no flour egg crepes:
  1. Blend eggs, cream cheese, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, and 1 tablespoon of coconut sugar (or any other sugar of your choice) in a blender. I used a stick blender.
  2. Heat a pan on medium heat. Add butter or ghee.
  3. Pour enough batter into the pan until it takes the shape of the bottom of the pan. Spread the batter by lifting the pan and tilting to all sides until the batter is perfectly round.
  4. Cook about 1-2 minutes, then flip and cook the other side for an additional minute or less.
  5. Remove from the pan and stack on a big plate.
  6. You can make a filling by mixing sugar, cinnamon, and softened butter until smooth. I didn’t make it.
  7. To serve, spread 1 teaspoon of softened butter onto the center of the crepe. Then roll up and sprinkle with cinnamon mixture.
  8. Since I didn’t make a cinnamon mixture, I just spread some ghee (butter) on the center of a crepe and put a little amount of maple syrup. After that, I rolled the crepe and served them warm.

NO FLOUR EGG CREPES - Low Carb Protein Crepe Recipe (Kid-Approved)


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Recipe courtesy of Ibreatheiamhungry


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