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Sprouted Oat Waffles (Gluten-free)

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soaked oat waffles
These sprouted oat waffles are yummy! No wheat or white flours are used to make them. So they are gluten-free also.

These oat waffles can be cooked fluffy or crisp depending what kind of waffle maker or pan you use. Regular waffle makers make crispy waffles from this recipe. No soggy waffles!

I used cast-iron egg waffle maker which made soft pretty waffles. If you use ordinary waffle maker waffles turn out crispy. You get different variations from one recipe just using different waffle makers. Or you can make pancakes without any waffle makers just using a hot pan. You decide how to cook it but every time you will get a yummy breakfast with this recipe.  You can serve this yumminess with fresh cream, raw honey, maple syrup or anything you want.

I added this recipe to my Best&Favorite recipes list. It is that good! I am very happy with the result. My kids loved the waffles served with fresh cream. Kid approved!

I adapted the recipe from Cookie&Kate and made some changes to her recipe making it meet my preferences. Thank you for this wonderful recipe, Kate!

Notes on some of the ingredients I used for this oat waffles

Oat flour. I milled organic whole sprouted oats in my grain mill to make the flour. You can use soaked or sprouted and dehydrated oats to make a flour. You can also purchase sprouted oat flour, if you do not want to make it yourself.  

Why soaked or sprouted oats? Oats are very high in phytic acid (anti-nutrient) which blocks the absorption of minerals and vitamins in the body if not eliminated before cooking. Soaking or sprouting reduces the amount of the phytic acid in grains, nuts and seeds, which increases their mineral content for several times and makes them easier to digest. 

Milk. I used fresh cow’s milk. You can use any light nut milk or light coconut milk instead.

Apple cider vinegar. It is needed to neutralize the baking soda taste.

Coconut oil or butter needs to be melted before adding to the batter. I used grass-fed butter in the recipe.

Vanilla extract. I used organic Madagascar pure vanilla extract. It contains a small amount of alcohol which evaporates during cooking.

Sweetener. You can use Coconut sugar, grade B Maple syrup, Date sugar or Rapadura as an unrefined sweetener in the recipe.

 soaked oat waffles


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