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Homemade Mineral Drops. Remineralize Your Drinking Water with Celtic Sea Salt!

Making homemade mineral drops is a great way to make your drinking water taste good and enrich it with minerals. The drops do not make the water salty, but improve the taste noticeably. Of course, it also depends how much amount you add to the water. If you add too much, you will get a salty water. Only a few drops are sufficient to improve the taste without any saltiness.

If you filter your water using reverse osmosis filter or if you use water distillers, they strip the water from all minerals, which, of course, greatly affects the water taste and mineral content. You can remineralize this kind of water using special mineral drops or you can make your own remineralizing drops at home. 

I use reverse osmosis filter to remove the added fluoride out of my water. It removes most of the flouride, but it also removes other beneficial minerals from the water as well. Reverse osmosis filtered water is not a live water any more. Lack of minerals affects the taste of the water very noticeably.

I have tried adding ConcenTrace mineral drops to remineralize my reverse osmosis drinking water, however the taste was never satisfactory to me. When I switched to the Celtic sea salt drops, the water taste got much palatable. I still use ConcenTrace Mineral drops for extra minerals in my toothpaste, in my juice, but not for improving the water taste. I know many people who use it to remineralize their water, it just did not work for me for this purpose.

Why Celtic Sea Salt?

You can use any unrefined sea salt like Himalayan sea salt or Celtic sea salt to make the mineral drops.

I like using Celtic Sea Salt, because Himalayan pink salt is saltier and contains less minerals when compared. The difference is not huge, so you can successfully use Himalayan sea salt too.

Celtic Sea Salt contains at least 75 minerals and trace elements. (source)

Celtic sea salt has a lower sodium, higher magnesium, slightly higher phosphorus and potassium levels compared to Himalayan pink sea salt. 

How many drops to add?

After you make your Sea salt Mineral drops, take one cup of filtered water and add a few drops of the mineral drops. Taste. If you feel the water is not soft enough, add more drops.

Homemade Mineral Drops Recipe

You will need:


  1. Fill the jar half with Celtic sea salt. Use a small funnel for convenience.
  2. Fill the jar with water. Watch the salt melt. After some time part of the salt melts, but part of it stays on the bottom without melting. This means that the water in the jar reaches the maximum concentrate and the remaining salt stays on the bottom without melting or mixing with the water.
  3. Pour the salty water on the top to another jar with a dropper.
  4. After you use up the salty water on the top, add more water to fill the jar and you will see that the salt on the bottom starts to melt too. This is when you will need to add more salt until you see a non-melting salt layer on the bottom again.
  5. When the salt on the bottom won’t melt or mix in with water any more, it is ready to use. Pour off the salty water to another jar (with a dropper) and start using.
  6. Repeat steps 2,3,4,5 when you run out.


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  1. c dax says:

    Can’t you just add a tiny amount of Celtic Sea Salt to your glass of water, pitcher, or carry-around water bottle?

    1. organicbiomama says:

      Hi, there! I do this too sometimes.

  2. Mary Barlow says:

    So how many drops(of the solution you make) do you put in 8 oz of water you are going to drink?

    1. organicbiomama says:

      I use it to remineralize my reverse osmosis filtered water to improve the taste, so I use about 0.5-1 dropperful per 8 oz. You can adjust the amount to your taste. The water should not taste salty after adding the drops.

      1. Noreen Etto says:

        Thank you for this great info! How do you store the solution? Does it need to go in the fridge?

        1. organicbiomama says:

          It’s my pleasure! No, I store it at room temperature in my kitchen cabinet.

  3. Joanna Perez says:

    How long do these drops last/shelf life?

    1. organicbiomama says:

      Hi, there! Sole water should not expire since salt has natural preservation properties. I store mine at room temperature.

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