How to Keep the Colon Healthy

how to keep the colon healthy

How to keep the colon healthy? There are several keys to colon health. These are fiber, water, healthy diet, exercise, reducing stress, and friendly bacteria in the gut.   How to keep the colon healthy? 1. Get enough Fiber What is fiber? Fiber is the undigestible part of the plants we…

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Healing Leaky Gut. Leaky gut Types. (part II)

healing leaky gut

This is part II of my notes I took from Dr.Axe’s webinar about healing Leaky Gut. The gut is the biggest immune system organ and it also affects the brain. The leaky gut syndrome has been linked to mood swings, anxiety, depressions, and bipolar disorder. In many cases, healing the gut…

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Leaky Gut: Symptoms and Causes (part I)

symptoms of leaky gut

I watched Dr.Axe’s (a certified doctor of natural medicine, chiropractic, and clinical nutritionist) webinar about leaky gut today and found it very useful. I took some notes and decided to keep them here. Leaky gut Symptoms   The gut is the biggest immune system organ. These conditions are the symptoms…

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