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Diet for Tooth Decay. Heal Teeth Naturally and Reverse a Cavity

Many people believe that cavities cannot be reversed or healed naturally. In reality, it is very possible. Doctor and dentist Weston Price, who lived in the early 1900s, traveled the world and discovered the real cause of tooth decay. He witnessed that isolated tribes had perfect teeth and when they were exposed to a “modern” diet, they experienced tooth decay.

Most information below is from Ramiel Nagel’s “Cure Tooth Decay” book, which contains lots of useful information and helpful ideas about healing teeth naturally.

diet for healing teeth naturally

What causes Tooth Decay?

According to Doctor Weston Price and Doctor Ramiel Nagel, there are 4 main reasons that cause a tooth decay:

  1. Mineral deficiency. Especially calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus deficiencies.
  2. Fat-soluble vitamin deficiencies: A, D, E, K vitamins.
  3. Phytic acid-rich diet: consuming too much unsoaked, unsprouted, and non-fermented grains, nuts, and seeds.
  4. Consuming too much sugar, even if is from natural sources, like sweet fruits.

How to stop and reverse a tooth cavity?

1. Avoid sugar. 

Avoid processed sugars, sodas, candies and baked goods, artificial sweeteners.

Consume non-processed natural sweeteners sparingly: raw honey, maple syrup, stevia leaves, sweet fruits. Too much natural sweeteners can also cause tooth decays.

2. Remove Phytic acid. 

Phytic acid is an antinutrient found in most grains, nuts, and seeds. It prevents from absorbing minerals from food and also leaches minerals out of your body, including bones, and teeth.

You can ferment, sprout or soak grains, nuts, or seeds to reduce their phytic acid content for about 50-100%.

3. Consume nutrient-dense foods

Nutrient-rich foods:

4. Avoid foods which cause food decay

Avoid packaged foods, fast food, unsoaked/unfermented grain products, and all processed foods.

Avoid these foods which cause tooth decay:

  • Refined & artificial sweeteners – White sugar, Corn syrup, Organic sugar, commercial Jams, Brown sugar, Evaporated cane juice, Sugar Alcohol Sweeteners for internal use (xylitol, sorbitol, mannitol, maltitol, erythritol), High-fructose Corn Syrup (worst sweetener), Corn sugar, Soft drinks (tons of sugar & acidity), Agave Nectar (same as corn syrup), Glycerin (toxic if taken internally), Malted Grain Sweeteners, Brown Rice Syrup, Sugar Isolates (maltodextrin, sucrose, dextrose).
  • Hydrogenated oils – margarine and others.
  • Low-quality vegetable oils – vegetable oil, soybean oil, Crisco, canola oil, safflower oil.
  • Pasteurized milk, even if organic.
  • Soft drinks, they are very acidic and contain lots of sugar.
  • Instant coffee
  • Artificial ingredients – artificial flavors, artificial colors, other artificial ingredients.
  • White flour – White bread, white bleached flour
  • Farm raised fish
  • Non-grass-fed meat
  • Junk food – convenience foods, modern fast food.
  • Alcohol, cigarettes, most prescription drugs.

5. Get a Sunshine.

Get a plenty of sunshine. Dr.Axe recommends supplementing with Vitamin D3 (5000 IU a day) on the days when not in the sun. Dr.Mercola recommends going out to the sun in between (about) 11-14 pm in summer because at that time UVB is more active and UVB protects against harmful UVA rays.

6. Use Mineralizing toothpaste

Use remineralizing toothpaste which is fluoride free. You can even make it yourself!

7. Oil pulling

Oil pulling: aids in oral detoxification, makes teeth and gums stronger, eliminates headaches, and has lots of other health benefits.

You can use coconut oil, MCT oil, cold-pressed Sunflower oil, cold-pressed Sesame oil  for oil pulling. Coconut oil is preferred.

  1. Take a spoonful of the oil the first thing in the morning (right after you get out of the bed).
  2. Gently swish the oil in your mouth for 20 minutes. Do not swallow it.
  3. Spit up the used oil to the trash bin, not in the sink (may clog).
  4. Immediately rinse your mouth with warm water. You can use sea salt water.
  5. Brush your teeth.

Diet Protocol for Healing Teeth Naturally


The below protocol was shared by Megan Wilson a year ago, a mom who managed to stop her child’s tooth decay.

  • Liver, usually every day. Approximately, half a chicken liver cut into tiny pieces, frozen, and then swallowed whole like a vitamin. That way you don’t taste it. Whenever we have ground beef (once or twice a week) we’ll grind up some beef liver into the ground beef with some seasoning and we don’t taste it that way either.
  • Fermented Cod Liver oil and High-vitamin Butter oil blend (2:1). Taken daily. Sometimes, I’ll add in some skate liver oil as well.
  • Magnesium oil and Magnesium tablets. My child takes a magnesium tablet daily, as well as using magnesium oil rubbed onto his legs each night. A couple times a week he has an Epsom salt bath. I also keep a magnesium oral spray in the car, and if he’s eaten something but doesn’t have the chance to brush soon I’ll have him use the spray.
  • Vitamin K2 (MK7). Taken every few days.
  • Digestive enzymes are generally taken at the same time he takes the liver, although not every day.
  • “Trace minerals” added to his water, usually once a day. Sometimes, I’ll have him swish them in his mouth. The diluted ratio should be no higher than 22 drops of Concentrace per 8 ounces of water or 96 drops of Concentrace per liter of water.
  • Raw grass-fed (A2) milk every day. Usually 2-4 cups per day.
  • Silica & whole food Vitamin C, taken together every day.
  • Desiccated liver pills, taken every few days if he hasn’t had as much liver as he should that week.
  • No grains, no sugar, no nuts or seeds, very little fruit. All cause damage to teeth. Fruit will be introduced again once his teeth are fully healed and can stand up to the acids in the fruit. He does still have a bit of fruit each day, either an apple or some berries in yogurt, sometimes a smoothie. Every few days I’ll make him some teeth healing Russian custard, which has fruit in it. Anytime he has fruit, I make sure it’s followed by a fat, like butter, milk, cheese, etc.
  • Probiotics, taken daily. Currently, he eats saur kraut every couple of days, and will occasionally have some kombucha. Every day he takes conventional probiotics, specifically Prescript Assist and Gutpro.
  • Homemade toothpaste made with crushed calcium pills, magnesium pills, activated charcoal, and clove powder. He dips his toothbrush in coconut oil, then into the powder, and brushes thoroughly. It tastes horrible but I think its a big part of the healing
  • Iodine. Each day he does something called “iodine painting” which is basically putting iodine onto the skin and letting it absorb. Every second day, I’ll put a couple drops onto his toothbrush after brushing and rub it onto his cavities and the surrounding area.
  • Oil pulling. Every day before bed, he puts a spoonful of coconut oil in his mouth and swishes it through his teeth for approximately 20 minutes, then he spits the oil out into the garbage (not the sink or it will clog drains).
  • Ora wellness drops and a special toothbrush. A special toothbrush with rounded bristles that doesn’t aggravate decay or hold onto bacteria. Drops that can be swished around the mouth randomly throughout the day. Toothbrush obviously used daily. Drops used every now and then if he’s eaten something and can’t brush right away.
  • Neem mouthwash.  Used daily, usually after breakfast.
  • Xylitol mints, sent in his lunch with him to use after snack and lunch as he doesn’t have time to brush his teeth.
  • Bone broth. We started out doing it daily but it’s the only part of the routine that he absolutely hates, so I’ve been slacking lately.
  • Seafood. We have fish at least weekly, same with shrimp. We’ve been kind of slacking on the oysters, though, which are supposed to be a powerhouse for healing. He just doesn’t really like them, so it’s easy to let them slip since we’ve got so much else going on.
  • 2 eggs each day, plus extra egg yolks throughout the day. If I make smoothies I’ll add a few raw yolks. Occasionally, I’ll make quinoa or rice (after soaking them). I cook it in bone broth, and I whisk in egg yolks before I heat it up. So, basically adding extra nutrition to the grains. After much experimenting, I’ve discovered my kids really don’t like egg whites, but are fine with yolks (where most of the nutrition is anyways). So I make them over easy eggs each day, and just remove the whites. Sometimes I’ll make scrambled eggs and mix in a bit of shredded gouda cheese (also really high in K2), but before I cook them I remove the whites, so it’s basically scrambled yolks with gouda.
  • Magnesium oxide is good for constipation and magnesium is CTD approved. Also, probiotics and fermented foods can help with constipation and they are CTD approved as well.

Lots of stuff I switch up every few days like we might use one mouthwash one day and another the next day. I’m trying to get variety in there because I really have no idea which things will work best for him or not. All of these are supported by the science and studies I’ve seen, lots of it is in the official CTD (Cure Tooth Decay) protocol but some of it was found through other sources.


Ramiel Nagel “Cure Tooth Decay”

Weston Price “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration”



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