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Healing Leaky Gut. Leaky gut Types. (part II)

This is part II of my notes I took from Dr.Axe’s webinar about healing Leaky Gut.

The gut is the biggest immune system organ and it also affects the brain. The leaky gut syndrome has been linked to mood swings, anxiety, depressions, and bipolar disorder. In many cases, healing the gut is healing the brain. The leaky gut symptoms include and not limited to allergies, autoimmune diseases, colon problems, thyroid problems, nutrient malabsorption, skin inflammations, mood issues, autism, weight gain, digestive problems, fatigues, headaches, joint problems, joint pain, frequent colds.

To read about leaky gut symptoms and causes, click here for part I of this post. I tried to make my notes short and clear on the topic.

healing leaky gut

The 5 Types of Leaky Gut 

Before healing leaky gut it is good to know which type you have.

Leaky gut types:

  1. Candida gut happens when there is a yeast overgrowth which can be caused by birth control pills, sugar, conventional dairy, wheat, bananas, and others.
  2. Stressed gut develops when a person has a chronic emotional stress, depression, grief; consumes lots of sugar, carbohydrates, and inflammatory foods.
  3. Immune gut can happen when a person takes prescription antibiotics, medications, eats lots of inflammatory foods, in a constant stress and grief.
  4. Gastric gut Gastric gut happens when there is a chronic poor digestion, nutrient malabsorption, bacterial overgrowth in small intestines.
  5. Toxic gut develops when a person consumes lots of bad fats and toxins.

Healing Leaky Gut

Leaky gut diet:

1. Bone Broth

Bone broth heals damaged cell walls of intestines. This happens because of the rich amino acid content and collagen in bone broth.

2. Raw cultured dairy: kefir, yogurt, amasai, butter, raw cheese.

Raw cultured grass-fed dairy from A2 protein cow’s milk, goat’s milk, sheep or buffalo.

3. Fermented vegetables: kimchi, sauerkraut, kvass.

Fermented vegetables balance intestinal pH and provide the intestines with beneficial bacteria.

4. Coconut products: coconut kefir, coconut oil, coconut butter, coconut cream, coconut milk, coconut flakes, shredded coconut, coconut flour.

All coconut products are good for the gut.

5. Sprouted seeds: chia seeds, flaxseeds, hemp seeds.

6. Healthy fats (Omega-3): grass-fed beef, lamb, wild-caught fish (salmon).

Top supplements for healing Leaky Gut


Dr.Axe recommends these supplements to help heal the leaky gut:

  1. Probiotics: Consume probiotic-rich foods AND take at least 50 billion units of probiotics daily.
  2. Digestive enzymes: 1-2 capsules at the beginning of the meal.
  3. L-Glutamine amino acid is critical for healing a leaky gut. It repairs the intestinal lining and coats cell walls. Take 2-5 grams of L-Glutamine powder two times a day or consume at least 3 servings of L-glutamine-rich foods: bone broth, grass-fed beef, spirulina, Chinese cabbage, cottage cheese, asparagus, broccoli raab, wild-caught fish (cod, tuna, salmon), venison, and turkey. Dr.Axe recommends taking B vitamins (B12) if you are taking L-glutamine for long-term, though excess glutamine rarely causes problems, he says.
  4. Licorice root (DGL) balances cortisol levels, improves acid production in the stomach, and maintains mucosal lining of the stomach. Take 500 mg two times a day. 
  5. Quercetin seals the gut lining and reduces the release of histamine. It is effective in healing ulcerative colitis. Take 500 mg three times daily with meals. 




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