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DMSO: Safety, Handling, & Recipes

DMSO is an abbreviation for Dimethyl Sulfoxide and it is a 100% natural substance. Every tree has Dimethyl Sulfoxide in it and the substance is extracted by the paper industry. It is a colorless liquid which freezes at the temperature of 68 F. When applied to the skin Dimethyl Sulfoxide penetrates deep into tissues and will carry anything applied together into the bloodstream in seconds (which makes it powerful!).dmso Dimethyl Sulfoxide

DMSO is rich in sulfur and sulfur is a major building block of collagen. Billions of people worldwide have used DMSO for pain relief, stroke, toothaches, acne, head injuries, headaches, burns, hemorrhoids, treating scars, arthritis, and many other ailments. It has been documented as a safe substance for long-term use, however, it is not approved for medical use in the USA and sold as a solvent only. You can read more about Dimethyl Sulfoxide here.

The below information is for research purposes only and not intended to diagnose or cure any disease.

DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide): how to use, safety and handling

Dimethyl Sulfoxide is a 100% natural product which is documented as a safe substance. However, some precautions are needed when using it. It may irritate and wrinkle the skin if handled improperly. It carries different kinds of molecules through the skin when applied together. This means you need to handle dimethylsulfoxide with care using clean instruments and tools, pay attention to the substances you apply to the skin together with dimethyl sulfoxide. DMSO is non-toxic and 7 times safer than aspirin.

Here are general safety rules about handling dimethylsulfoxide:

  • Do NOT use DMSO when pregnant, planning pregnancy or nursing.
  • Eye damage in laboratory animals has not been confirmed, however, avoid contact with eyes to be on a safe side.
  • Dilute it with distilled water prior to use. 50%-70% dilution is often suggested. Fair-skinned people should use precautions with the strength they use as they are more prone to skin irritations. It is best to begin with 50% dilution.
  • When DMSO is applied to the skin and is still wet, do not come in contact with any substance or clothing. Let it penetrate and dry for about 20 minutes.
  • Use gloves when applying DMSO to the skin to avoid temporary skin wrinkling on the palm. Soak the tip of your glove in DMSO for 24 hours and see if any damage occurred. If there is no damage, you can use those gloves to apply DMSO on your skin.
  • Use clean or sterile bottles and mixing equipment.
  • Temporal skin irritation, redness, itching, wrinkling of the palm may occur when not diluted properly. These kinds of irritations disappear within hours. The wrinkling will disappear within a few days (which can be avoided by proper dilution and using gloves as stated above).
  • A very few people with weak liver may react to DMSO. First, test for DMSO allergy by rubbing a drop of DMSO to clean and dried arm allowing to soak for 15 minutes. Watch for pain in the liver for the next 24 hours. If you have a pain in the liver area avoid using DMSO and improve liver function before using it. Cleanse your liver and retest for DMSO allergy. If there is no pain, then DMSO is safe to use.
  • If using bare hands to apply, do not wear nail polish.
  • You can wear a plastic bag (sandwich bag) to apply DMSO to your skin. Test the plastic bag first, same as testing gloves described above.
  • Use chemical-free soap to wash application areas and hands before applying DMSO.

DMSO compatibility with plastics and what kind of jars, sprayers to use

Can DMSO be stored in plastic? Well, yes, but not all plastic types are compatible with DMSO. It is okay to use the types of plastic listed below.

Dimethyl Sulfoxide is non-reactive to these types of plastic:

  • PETE (1)
  • HDPE (2)
  • LDPE (4)
  • PP (5)
  • Nylon
  • PTFE

These containers are safe to use with dimethyl sulfoxide:

  • Glass containers
  • Glass jars
  • Stainless steel
  • Wooden containers
  • Ceramic
  • Rigid plastic in the form of spray bottles. Rigid plastic is a hard plastic that exhibits no elastic deformation.

Of course, it is best to buy DMSO in a glass bottle and keep it in the glass.

Side effects of DMSO

Possible adverse reactions from DMSO:

  • Garlic odor from the body. It will decrease over time with constant use as the body detoxifies.
  • Nausea and decreased blood pressure if taken orally in large doses.
  • May cause the lense to be more near-sighted but could improve eyesight for farsighted people. (source)
  • Skin irritation, itching if more than 70% DMSO. The reaction can be lessened if mixed with Aloe vera juice.

Recipes with DMSO: how to dilute and how to mix

I collected all the recipes below from different sources like reviews, books, articles, blogs. I did not test them on myself, so I don’t know if they work or not. This information is for research purposes only and is not intended to treat or prevent diseases. The list will be updated regularly.

Maximum 24-hour cumulative oral dose: 1 ml per kg (1 teaspoon per 10 pounds). (source)

Important: Make sure to maintain normal hydration when using DMSO.

How to Dilute DMSO

You will often need to dilute DMSO with distilled water prior to use. 50%-70% dilution is often suggested. Fair-skinned people should use precautions with the strength they use as they are more prone to skin irritations. It is best to start with 50% dilution.

Use clean or sterile bottles and mixing equipment.

  1. 1M DMSO solution recipe. Mix 8.6 ml of Dimethyl Sulfoxide with 91.4 ml of distilled water.
  2. 50% DMSO solution. Mix distilled water with Dimethyl Sulfoxide in a 1:1 ratio and add a small amount of MSM.
  3. DMSO in a roller bottle. Mix Dimethyl Sulfoxide and pure organic carrier oil in a glass roller bottle.
  4. DMSO solution with fewer side effects (for less body odor, itching, bad breath, etc). Mix it with magnesium chloride solution and/or organic raw honey.

DMSO Recipes for Pain Management

  1. Muscle pain relief. Mix 1 oz of Dimethyl Sulfoxide and about 3 oz of aloe vera or jojoba oil in a spray bottle. Add a couple of drops of organic peppermint essential oil and menthol. Spray on stiff muscles for instant relief. Make sure your skin is clean before spraying.
  2. Pain relief (joint pain, arthritis, strains, and others). Mix organic Castor oil with Dimethyl Sulfoxide in 1:1 ratio. Make sure that hands and the skin are clean before applying the mixture. Apply a few times a week or as needed.
  3. Spinal Stenosis Pain Relief. Mix Dimethyl Sulfoxide with distilled water in a 2:1 ratio. Make sure that hands and the skin are clean before applying the mixture. Apply to the painful area with a clean cotton cloth. Rub for 5 minutes, re-wet the cloth 2-3 times with the solution. It may itch for 3-5 minutes.
  4. Intense headache. Apply to clean forehead and temples for fast relief. Use diluted (%30-%50 DMSO mixed with 70%-%50 distilled water). Use clean fingers to apply. Due to Ogden (1967) a 90% solution is more effective, which may give a burning sensation for several minutes.
  5. Hemorrhoids. Apply a 70% solution to the affected area for quick pain relief.
  6. Bee/wasp stings. Immediately apply to the affected area to stop the pain.
  7. Broken Toe. Immediately apply Dimethyl Sulfoxide and do so every hour. Mix DMSO with magnesium oil and apply that too.
  8. Pain management mixture. 50% DMSO solution mixed with 50% Arnica Montana gel with the addition of some aloe vera and coconut oil to be highly effective in almost instantly alleviating pain from sore muscles from over-exercising or bringing about instant relief from joint, back, or arthritic pain or discomfort.
  9. Knee pain. Rub a drop or 2 of Peppermint Essential Oil on the knee, followed by rubbing some 100% DMSO gel, followed by rubbing Emu Oil. The combination is FANTASTIC!!!!! Emu oil is one of the only agents to penetrate all layers of the skin like DMSO does. The Peppermint Essential Oil has a cooling effect, and the smell is pure bliss.

DMSO Recipes for Skin conditions

  1. Antibiotics for cuts and scrapes. Mix Dimethyl Sulfoxide with Iodine or Iodide in a 1:1 ratio.
  2. Acne treatment. Mix Dimethyl Sulfoxide with Aloe vera juice (or distilled water) in a 7:3 ratio. Use as a spot treatment.
  3. Bruises and swelling. Apply diluted (or 90%) Dimethyl Sulfoxide to the affected area quickly and the swelling goes down in minutes and may help with bruising in a couple of days (or even overnight). Apply 2-4 times a day.
  4. Poison Ivy blisters. Apply diluted Dimethyl Sulfoxide on the affected area. Most of the blisters are gone in a few days (or overnight).
  5. Burns. Apply a %50-%100 solution quickly to the affected area to ease the pain and diminish scarring.
  6. Toenail fungus. Use it with pure tea tree oil.
  7. Raised scar. Use %50-%80 diluted Dimethyl Sulfoxide 2-3 times a day.
  8. Inflamed lymph node. Apply 50% diluted solution.
  9. Varicose veins. Apply the diluted solution to the affected area. Make sure the skin is clean.
  10. Skin allergies, Insect bites, Poison Ivy-Sumac-Oak. Oral dose: 0.10 ml per kg (if serious, up to 1.0 ml/kg). Additional therapy: Vitamin A, E, Omega-3 – mix with topical mixture at least 24 hours after starting oral therapy. (Source: Dr. Harlow)
  11. Skin infections (bacterial and fungal). Topical mixture: DMSO + Colloidal silver (50:50) every 6-8 hours. Oral dose: 0.10 ml of DMSO+Colloidal silver (50:50) per kilogram (if serious up to 1.0 ml/kg). Additional therapy:  Mix Vitamin A, E, L-lysine, Omega-3 with topical mixture, at least 24 hours after starting oral therapy. (Source: Dr. Harlow)
  12. Trauma (to prevent bruising, swelling, stops pain). Topical mixture: 10% alpha-tocopherol acetate (Vit E) & 90% DMSO applied topically EVERY 8-12 HOURS. Oral dose: 0.10 ml of DMSO+Colloidal silver (50:50) per kilogram (if serious up to 1.0 ml/kg). Adjunct therapy: Take Vitamin A, E, Omega-3 orally. Always use Colloidal silver with penetrating wounds, see 13.
  13. Penetrating Wounds. According to Dr.Harlow, Colloidal silver is very effective at killing Clostridium spores and any other bacteria that might get carried into the wound. He suggests applying colloidal silver mixed 50-50 with DMSO to the wound every 6-12 hours and taking a 50-50 CS/DMSO orally at approximately 1 mL per kilogram or .5 ML per pound every 6-12 hours (use more frequently with more severe wounds).
  14. Burns, including sunburn (helps prevent blisters, pain, and skin death). Topical mixture: 10% alpha-tocopherol acetate (Vit E), 30% CS & 60% DMSO applied topically EVERY 4-12 HOURS DEPENDING ON BURN SEVERITY. Oral dose: 0.10 ml of DMSO+Colloidal silver (50:50) per kilogram (if serious up to 1.0 ml/kg). Adjunct therapy: Vitamin A, E, Colloidal Silver, and Omega-3 can make up to 40%of the topical mixture. (Source: Dr. Harlow)
  15. CALCINOSIS CUTIS. Topical: 70% cream every 8-24 hours. Oral dose: 0.10 ml of DMSO+Colloidal silver (50:50) per kilogram (if serious up to 1.0 ml/kg). Adjunct therapy: 30% of the topical cream can be a combination of Vitamin A, E, Colloidal silver, and Omega-3. (Source: Dr. Harlow)
  16. Decubital Ulcers, Pressure sores, Diabetic ulcers. Topical: 70% cream every 8-12 hours. 30% of the topical cream can be a combination of Vitamin A, E, Colloidal silver, and Omega-3; mix with topical mixture at least 24 hours after starting oral therapy. (OR: 70% DMSO + 25% Colloidal silver + 5% vitamin E). The oral dose (can be helpful if ulcers are deep, otherwise not necessary): 0.10 ml of DMSO+Colloidal silver (50:50) per kilogram (if serious up to 1.0 ml/kg). (Source: Dr. Harlow)
  17. Severe skin necrosis caused by various venoms, or other severe ulceration and tissue breakdown.  Topical mixture: 10% alpha-tocopherol acetate (Vitamin E), 40% Colloidal Silver & 80% DMSO applied topically every 6-12 hours. Oral dose: 0.10 ml of DMSO+Colloidal silver (50:50) per kilogram (if serious up to 1.0 ml/kg), with 1 gram L-lysine every 8-12 hours. Take vitamin A, E, Omega-3 orally. According to Dr.Harlow, this treatment is very effective, but again please do your own research.
  18. Herpes (HSV), Shingles. Topical mixture:10% alpha-tocopherol acetate (Vit E) & 90% DMSO applied topically every 8-12 hours.  Oral dose: 0.10 ml of DMSO+Colloidal silver (50:50) per kilogram (if serious up to 1.0 ml/kg). Also, take 1 gram of L-lysine tablet every 6-8 hours if shingles or human papillomavirus. (Source: Dr. Harlow)
  19. Keloid scars, raised scars. Applied topically and repeatedly, DMSO will flatten the raised scars. (source)
  20. Electrical burn. Immediately soak the finger or affected area in full-strength DMSO solution for 20 minutes. Immediate relief. (source)
  21. Severe varicose veins. Spray DMSO for at least 7 days to reduce swelling and pain. (source)

DMSO for Other Conditions

  1. Blocked sinuses. DMSO placed directly into the nostrils can open blocked sinuses in a few minutes. (source)
  2. Mental conditions. DMSO amino acid therapy can accelerate maturity, progress language integration. DMSO amino acid therapy – intramuscular injection of the DMSO amino acid compound (DMSO + GABA + GABOB + Acetylglutamine), combined with daily oral administration of 1-3 capsules containing the DMSO compound. (Source (read more here): Morton Walker’s book “DMSO: Nature’s Healer”, chapter 10.)

DMSO Recipes for Eye health

  1. Macular degeneration. Topical mixture: 30% as an eye drop every 6-8 hours OR 30% DMSO with 10% Omega-3. Oral dose: Start with 5 ml and increase to 15 ml every 6-8 hours. Also, take mega doses of fish oil (Omega-3). (Source: Dr. Harlow).
  2. Macular degeneration. Per Dr.Morton Walter DMSO alone is better for macular degeneration. He recommends this: 5 mg of 2 cc DMSO with 5 mg of 2 cc SOD for 4 cc solution. (source)
  3. Cataracts. Dr. Robert Rowen, the editor of Second Opinion, has developed the following formula which uses DMSO a solvent that has an extremely high rate of tissue permeability. This helps the active ingredients Glutathione and Vitamin C to penetrate the eye. According to Dr. Rowen, cataracts can be reversed, and this is what he suggests doing: Have a pharmacy prepare the following formulation to be used three times a day. DMSO—30 percent, Vitamin C—1.25 percent, Glutathione—1.25 percent. Orally: take Liposomal Glutathione. (Source: Dr. Harlow)
  4. Cataracts and Glaucoma. One drop of a solution consisting of 25 mg DMSO with 2 cc of superoxide dismutase (SOD) once or twice a day. (source)

How to Make DMSO Gel, Cream, and Lotions

  1. DMSO Lotion Recipe. Mix 1 oz of Dimethyl Sulfoxide with 3 oz Aloe vera gel.
  2. Amish Pain Relief Salve: 1/2 cup coconut oil, 2 teaspoons organic beeswax pellets (or chunks), 2 teaspoons camphor crystals or 5 drops camphor essential oil, 2 teaspoons menthol crystals or 5 drops peppermint essential oil, 5 drops eucalyptus essential oil, 1 teaspoon DMSO. Full recipe: Amish Pain Relief Salve Recipe with DMSO (coming soon)

DMSO is better than Botox

  1. Better than Botox for face: Spray magnesium oil on a clean and washed face with closed eyes. Then spray a 99% DMSO. Do not mix magnesium oil with DMSO in a bottle, just spray Magnesium oil first, and then the DMSO.  Do at night before sleep. This recipe is from Chris Savage.

Disclaimer: The information in this post (and all other posts including the comments on this website) is NOT intended as medical advice. The content is for information and research purposes only. I am not responsible for any misuse. Please, keep in mind, DMSO is not approved for human use by FDA. So, if you want to try the recipes, do it at your own risk. Please, do your own research. If you have questions, please check the information sources provided within the post. If you need medical advice, please consult your health care practitioner. Thank you for visiting!




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  1. Julia D Thieriot says:

    My dog has had ulcérations/calcifications on his skin from prolonged use of Prednisone.

    What may I use to soften these up?

    1. organicbiomama says:

      Hi, Julia! I am sorry for your dog and hope he heals and gets better soon. I am afraid I cannot be helpful in this matter. I would not use DMSO for open wounds and ulceration. Hope you can find a solution soon. Thank you for visiting my blog and have a nice day!

      1. Treecie Boix says:

        On another website, the blogger must have been a veterinarian, because his/her neighbor had a dog that was mauled by another dog and was missing a lot of flesh from its shoulder. The vet put herbs and DMSO on the shoulder with bandages that were changed regularly, reapplying the herbs and DMSO, I assume. The dog was completely healed in a few months, the hair grew back, and there was no sign of the injury. I’m guessing you can put it on an open wound.

    2. Leslie Young says:

      I would try using an ozone generator on those open wounds

  2. Myriam says:

    Hi. Can i use stailess still with it? Thanks. To Julia. Try green clay. Another wonderfull healer. Do your own research on how to apply it.

  3. I’ve been using dmso for all types of health benefits for over five years now. I eventually found that I was growing new hair on my scalp, so I started researching, and found that it’s been used for that for quite awhile, growing new hair! But it only recovers what you lost in the past couple years. I’m still bald! lol Just with more hair now.

    Helps with looking younger, using it on my face, scalp and chest, it gets rid of liver spots and other blemishes, acne, etc… I believe that if you are careful, using it in a resoponsible way, that it can help with many ailments. Just make sure you NEVER use colored clothing over top of it right after use!

    Rather, use white, non colored clothing, and you should be fine, as it is a transfer agent of ANYTHING you put on your skin! So beware! But don’t let these people that believe everything their gov’t tells them that it’s too dangerous. I believe that DMSO can be of great value to your health, and maybe even save your life.

    But you need to do the research!

    1. Fay says:

      What’s your method to using it on your fac?

      1. Santos says:

        Hola muy interesante la publicaciòn tratare de aplicarlo

    2. Mercia Fourie says:

      Hi Allan,

      I have severe liver spots and nothing has made a significant difference. Would you mind sharing the protocol for applying to the face.

      I used DMSO on my horses many years ago. Did not know of the exceptional value of DMSO.


      1. DAN GIBBONS says:

        Mercia im new to this site. I started using borax made by 29 mile mule team a year ago for something different. The bonus is all my liver spots disappeared as long as i drink it

    3. Bonita says:

      Alan, I wish I would had read all these comments before I applied dMSO ON MY KNEES.
      I did not mix it, I applied 100% pure. How bad is it, doing it that way. ?.
      Thank you

      1. Muriel Edwards says:

        Not bad at all. I stepped on a red hot coal and it literally stuck to bottom of my foot. The pain was excruciating. I had been reading about burns and dmso. I ran into house and poured dmso full strength in basin and stick my foot in it. After about 20-25 minutes pain started to subside but I kept my foot in it for about 20 minutes more and no more pain. My foot never blistered and only side was skin on my foot peeled off gradually..similar to a bad sunburn. That was my first experience with dmso and it seemed miraculous. Anything below waist can take a stronger potency. Only side effect if skin is sensitive, is a slight burning sensation and what looks like a sun blistering that totally disappears in about 10-15 minutes. Full strength on your knees is fine. I have many experiences with dmso and they all seem miraculous.

  4. Lindielee says:

    You advise to use in glass, stainless steel, wooden, ceramic and rigid plastic in the form of spray bottles. My question is the straw used in spray bottles, how do I know it’s safe to use. I’ve only used a glass dropper in a glass bottles before. Thank you kindly!

    1. organicbiomama says:

      Hi, Lindielle! I had the same question before. It is not easy to find out the plastic type of the spray straw, but I assume it is a rigid plastic. Rigid plastic is hard and cannot be easily scratched. I avoid using any plastic with DMSO anyway. Glass bottle with glass dropper sounds safer.

      1. Donna Vanderloo says:

        dr. Fisher recommends using a pencil / paintbrush with natural hairs in his German book about DMSO

  5. Barbara Lowell says:

    where do you get glass stainless ball bottles and how do you fill them?

    1. organicbiomama says:

      I bought mine from amazon. They are easy to fill. You just open the top and fix it back after.

  6. Ashby Racic says:

    Hi! I just purchased some nearly pure DMSO. I wish to make an anti cancer ointment, with capsaicin, garlic, ginger, aloe, and marijuana. Any suggestions on the concentration of DMSO? Thank You! You may email me any suggestions!

    1. Linda says:

      Hi read book the dmso handbook for Dr’s, found in kindle store for $3.05.

    2. james f. felkins says:

      I would add 30ppm colloidal silver to this recipe, 50-50. I use 2 teaspoons dmso per 8 oz.

      1. organicbiomama says:

        Thank you for sharing, James!

    3. Curcumin

  7. laura coyle says:

    Thanks for sharing this informative post!
    I am using DMSO liquid for my joint pain. I will keep in mind all suggestions when I will use this product.

  8. Stephen says:

    I have been exploring mixing DMSO with oils for topical use, but I have found that it does not mix well with them – even oils regarded as relatively polar. Within 5 to 30 minutes the DMSO has begun to settle on the bottom, depending on the oil and the dilution. DMSO is miscible with castor oil, but that is the only oil I’ve found that it does that with. Regarding using DMSO for pain relief, I learned that it is miscible with methyl salicylate, which is the primary pain relieving constituent in wintergreen essential oil; it should be possible to mix DMSO with wintergreen oil to boost both the pain relieving effects and the transdermal absorption rate.

    1. organicbiomama says:

      Thank you very much for sharing, Stephen! That’s good to know!

  9. I just started using DMSO in the roller bottle 70% and 30% aloe for my knee joints and I wash the area with the dove unscented soap and water. You mentioned a chemical free soap where do I find that? And thank you for answering the questions were all wondering about

    1. organicbiomama says:

      Hi, Paulette Carver! You can use any unscented organic Castile soap. For example, this one: httpss://

  10. Debbie says:

    I used DMSO for the first time yesterday. I need a knee replacement and have been putting it off. I don’t ant to continue taking pain meds. I made a solution of 50/50 using coconut oil and a few drops of peppermint oil. I have it in a glass rollerball. I do have to hake before use as it separates but, it is working already! I am amazed at how much less pain I am in.

    1. organicbiomama says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience, Debbie! I am so glad you found a natural solution for pain management.

  11. William says:

    I’ve been searching for an answer to this question for some time now. I understand DMSO is a transferring agent, but when using it with oils or ointments what is the application process? Do you apply the oil or ointment first and the the DMSO or is it the reverse. Thanks in advance, as I’ve not found a real definitive answer.

    1. Hi, William! DMSO mixes well with castor oil, so I think it will with any other oil too. Just be careful with essential oils. It’s better to use essential oils and DMSO at different times, as I know. I am not an expert, but sharing what I know. Hope it helps, Feruza.

  12. Hi friends,

    Just bought a liter of pure DMSO in a plastic bottle.
    It’s crystalised and I can not get it out of the bottle.
    How do I do that?

    1. organicbiomama says:

      Hi, Mango! DMSO solidifies when cold. Put it in a warmer place and it’ll liquify.

    2. Fred Rose says:

      Place the entire container, closed is OK, inside where the Temp is above 64 degrees F.. below that Temp it crystalizes.

  13. Hi, very informative advice, thanks. I have just seen somewhere you can get DMSO already mixed ready to use, would this help me? I have really bad lower back pain due to bulging discs L4/L5, and also a bit of neck pain, is this safe to use and any advice on how to use it for the most benefit etc, and if there are any side effects? many thanks Paul

    1. Linden says:

      For lower back pain, look into Tension Myositis (or Myoneural) Syndrome (TMS). I was reduced to using a walking frame to get around due to bulging discs, now I’ve been free of pain for over 3 years using this method, drug-free.

  14. James George says:

    Hi, after using DMSO, should the area be cleaned with only warm water? After that should I continue to worry about possible transfer of substances at the site, or can I just put socks on and go about my day? Should I clean with warm water, and then clean with a mild soap?

    1. organicbiomama says:

      Hi, James George! To my knowledge, you will need to cleanse the skin before you apply DMSO. Wash your skin with some natural castile soap without fragrances, then dry it with a natural clean fabric. After applying DMSO to the clean skin, it needs to penetrate the skin (about 20 minutes) before clothing (or anything) can touch that area.

  15. James George says:

    And thank you very much for being so attentive with this group! There is a wealth of quality information on this page!

    1. organicbiomama says:

      Thank you for visiting my page, James George! I am very happy if you find it useful!:)

  16. Michael Hawkins says:

    For those of you asking about the who what and the whys of DMSO read this book. It goes through alot of details about this chemical.
    Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) in Trauma and Disease
    Stanley W. Jacob, Jack C. de la Torre
    Kindle Edition
    Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

    1. organicbiomama says:

      Thank you for sharing!:)

    2. Karen Warner says:

      $90 to $287 for this book. There has got to be something cheaper.

      1. cathy says:

        Join the website TheNaturalhealthlibrary. you need to join it. under the DMSO folder are several books and articles about DMSO and many other alternative things for FREE.

  17. Cynthia says:

    Im wondering, if i can mix dmso in a recipe im making for cbd oil gummies? I can’t find any jnfo on cooking with it or if you can, what the shelf life is. I take it internally and gave made rubs and eye drops

    1. organicbiomama says:

      Hi, Cynthia! I never tried to use DMSO for cooking, so maybe the ones who tried could respond in this thread. Just curious, how do you make eye drops? Thank you beforehand! Feruza.

  18. Hi there,. I’m also very interested in how to use DMSO for eyes and also wondering if it will kill moles, warts etc.

  19. I have a bottle that is almost 20 years old. Does it expire?

  20. Charles says:

    My wife & I have been using DMSO for over a year. Such as:
    1)Eyes: 40% for cataracts/MD/pterygium. Also trying with curcumin. Also oral for first two.
    2)Anti-Dementia (hopefully): I am taking 1t 40% daily.
    3)Calcium Deposits: Mix in papain.
    4)Arthritis: 70%
    5)Age Spots: 40%
    A marvellous substance which is extremely safe on clean skin.
    Great Book: “The DMSO Handbook for Doctors” -Archie Scott

  21. Patricia Kirchner says:

    I used to buy DMSO that had honey added and I never experienced any body odor. When I couldn’t get it anymore I used regular DMSO and was shocked at how bad the body odor was.
    How much honey should be added to the DMSO to get the no odor effect?

    1. Sue Davis says:

      Have just researched an awesome paper on DMSO and honey gives you alot of information. I found it by asking Google about DMSO and honey. A general formular was 1 part honey, 7 parts DMSO and 3 parts distilled water. This would take out the odor and skin irritations. And works even better with the combined healing properties of honey.

  22. Anna Smulyanskiy says:

    If nebulizing DMSO and colloidal silver together, what would be a nebulizer you can recommend? Many nebulizers are PVC or silicone based. Trying to find a nebulizer that is inert with DMSO.

    1. Rich M (Blaxland) says:

      I have been trying to find an answer to that as well – I think I am going to just try it as I did with my waterpik – with that I discovered very quickly that the DMSO partly dissolved the black rubber seal @ the bottom of the water tank. I mention this because I plan to put some in my nebuliser tank – and just observe it for 24 hrs – if no damage to plastic I will use it. I did notice in Dr Levy’s new Book -“Rapid virus recovery” that he lists DMSO as useful in nebuliser. Link to book in this article

    2. It’s not plastic per say, that is bad. It is the type of plastic that is used that matters. In fact most of the plastics that are recommended as safe are polymer based and one is polyethylene. If you scroll back up and look up the safe ones just look up what each on is. Most are polymers of one sort or the other.

  23. Hi, can dmso be used for gallstones? if so what is the best recipe to mix for effectiveness

  24. Lisa says:

    What if I am on a prescription medication? How long should I wait before ingesting DMSO after I’ve taken my prescription?

    1. You don’t have to wait at all. DMSO does not interact with chemicals you’re taking. To be on the safe side wait 2 hours.

    2. Julie C says:

      If you’re taking prescription medication DMSO can in fact interact with them. It’s best to ween yourself off before starting DMSO. Or see a homeopath or naturopath that has extensive knowledge on DMSO. A good resource is Dr. Amandha Vollmer. her site is – – she’s a Canadian naturopath and has written a book about DMSO called ‘Healing with DMSO’. She goes into detail about how it can interact with synthetic drugs. 🙂

  25. faye tobby says:

    i purchased some DMSO in plastic PET /1\, i know you have said it safe, but still a bit paranoid, if i’m going to injest it. if i transfer it into glass, will this make any difference?

    1. organicbiomama says:

      I would buy it in a smaller glass bottle if I was going to ingest it just to have peace of mind. I use this myself: httpss://
      However, there is a possibility of DMSO being stored in big plastic bottles before being re-bottled into smaller glass bottles. The only difference would be how long it stays in plastic vs glass, but that’s just my opinion. According to my research and some digging, DMSO in rigid plastic is fine, but I try to avoid storing my liquid supplements in plastic whenever possible.

    2. Better to keep it in the brown glass bottle.

  26. Raghavendra Kini says:

    Can we use DMSO on autistic kid like sensory issues or brain inflammation.. Any reference how to do it on 4 yr kid

    1. Julie c says:

      Read the DMSO handbook book for doctors by Archie Scott and healing with dmso by Amandha Vollmer – I have an intellectually disabled child and use dmso. Just started.

  27. Hal Smith says:

    Over the past few years I have a likely Bouchard’s Node on my left index finger which started to look like it was getting larger. I have been treating with DMSO few drops each day. After 1 month it is clearly 1/2 the size. Wish I had taken picture to document. Stay save and God Bless.

  28. Josie E says:

    Hello, I just used it for the first time, I had some pain spells back in 2010 on my chest my sternum bone was swelling up, it was super painful. I went to see many doctors with no results just pain pills and prednisone. I went to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and more pain pills. Finally gave me a steroid shot right on the bone. Past 10 years it started acting up and put DMSO with MSM and the pain is gone. Put some on my husband shoulder for his pain, he had a ringworm and after 2 uses ring worm almost gone and pain is less. Thank you.

    1. Right on! Congrats. Best results of course when you use it daily. Miracle results if used intravenously.

      1. Hi Peter,
        For a severe case of R.A., what IV mixture of distilled water and DMSO would you recommend? I noticed someone else posted DMSO and 30% distilled water.
        Feel free to email me. Thanks in advance

  29. Do you have a recommendation for a sprayer that would be safe?

    1. Jeannie Syverson says:

      I would like to know this too

  30. If one has breast implants can DMSO be taken internally?

    1. Julie C says:

      Please read Healing with DMSO by Amandha Vollmer

  31. I’m trying to figure out how to mix DMSO, iodine and cacao butter together without the issue of them separating. If anyone has a solution to the issue of separation please let me know.

  32. Janet Carey says:

    Can DMSO be mixed with colloidal silver and sprayed onto a site where there is a surgical incision to hasten healing? A friend is having knee replacement surgery and I was hoping he could use this mixture to spray on the stitches area to ward off infection as well as hasten the healing.

  33. Nao says:

    Can DMSO be used while ingesting cayenne pepper?

  34. Christine says:

    Hi, did you post the recipe for the Amish Pain Relief Salve that you referenced in this article? Thanks.

    1. organicbiomama says:

      Hi, Christine! Sorry, not yet. I’ve been busy these days, so a lot of recipes were not posted. I’ll try posting them very soon.

  35. Ronald says:

    Does anyone know how to cover the taste for oral dosing? What works best?

  36. Susan Rylander says:

    I have bone on bone osteoarthritis in my left hip. I saw DMSO with Frankinsense is sold pre mixed and used for joint pain. I didn’t want to spend that much so I have frankinsense and bought 99.9% pure DMSO on amazon, the dmso is 705DMSO/30% distilled water. What ratio of frankinsense, DMSO do I mix, should I also use a carrier oil? Can I add Lavender oil also? what ratio?

    1. Susan Rylander says:

      70% sorry

  37. Hi.
    I would like to know if it is okay to mix DMSO with distilled water and aloe vera, or DMSO with distilled water and amygdalin powder, and store the mixture in a glass bottle for later use? Would the mixture turn bad if store for weeks?
    Thank you.

  38. John Hodgson says:


    thank you for your informative article. I do have one question. When I add saline water to my DMSO it doesn’t get hot. My DMSO says it is over 99% so I am wondering why there is no reaction.

  39. in herpes cure section, suggest 0.10 ml per kg , some one weights 100 kg cant take 100 ml DMSO per day pls someone fix me ?

  40. Sarah says:

    So it is not recommended to mix a 50/50 msm(magnesium/distilled water) with 50/50 dmso(dmos/distilled water). It does get hot so I was wondering but had heard that this was a good mix.

  41. Bledar says:

    A month ago I had a dental cavitation surgery after the surgery I mixed two parts of colloidal silver and one part of dmso and I kept the liquid in the mouth for about 1 minutes 3-4 times a day and I had no swelling no pain no nothing the dentist was amazed he was expecting a lot of pain and swelling nothing happened and the healing process was faster.

  42. I would highly suggest reading Healing with DMSO the complete guide to safe and natural treatment for managing pain, inflammation, and other chronic ailments with dimethyl sulfoxide-By Amandha Vollmer. From my understanding you should NOT wear gloves while applying DMSO due to the chemicals from the gloves leeching into your skin.

    I have attached the link to this very informative book.

  43. […] Before starting to use DMSO, please, read more about its safety and handling it here: “DMSO: Safety, Handling, and Recipes“ […]

  44. Chrissie says:

    Could I use dmso in an herbal salve using cocoa butter and beeswax with a few essential oils . I’m wanting to make a salve for spine issues including stenosis and bulged discs that are compressing on nerves so a lot of pain from back into lower leg ankle and foot. Thank you for a reply. Also, Would a preservative be needed if I diluted dmso with aloe Vera as it’s water based so will not have a long shelf life.

  45. anna burns says:

    I’m so glad I found your website. It’s really hard to get much info on dmso since the FDA is trying to keep us from using it. It has so many benefits. It is my ‘go to’ for all that ails me and my dog!

    I didn’t see any mention of using it in a nebulizer. I’m pretty certain it can be, just not sure of the dilution.

  46. Lindsay says:

    Great article! Thank you 🙂 I want to make a handful of these recipes! How long is the shelf life once all mixed together? I’m using brown glass bottles and in a dark cool place. For reaseach purposes of course 🙂

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