Soft Gluten-Free Cookies with Cacao Nibs (Easy!)

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best easy gluten-free cookies

This cookies do not taste like gluten-free, not chewy, just normal cookies which melt in your mouth.

Notes on some of the ingredients.

Flour. I used Gluten free flour mixture. Find the recipe here. If you use different mixture cookies may not turn out as I described – soft and melting in a mouth.

Coconut sugar. You could replace it with turbinado or sucanat sugar. I noticed adding vanilla extract when using these types of sugar does not make a big difference in taste as that sugars have their own strong flavor. So I did not add vanilla to these cookies.

Egg. It does not make a noticeable difference to the taste whether you use a pastured or regular egg, but pastured eggs are richer in nutrients. Pastured eggs usually have orange yolks not pale yellow, so this might slightly affect the color of the final cookies.

Cacao nibs are unsweetened by nature. They taste like a dark chocolate with no added sweetener at all. If you want you can add chopped dark chocolate or even chopped walnuts instead.

gluten free cacao nib cookies



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