How to Sprout Mung Beans (step-by-step + video)

How to sprout mung beans at home? Mung beans can easily be grown in a jar, in a plastic planter, or in a dish with holes on the bottom part. I found it to be very easy to sprout in a steamer pot with steamer trays. Mung beans grow really well in a steamer pot without much effort.

As you know, mung beans love water. Some days I forgot to water my beans on time (some days I watered them once a day only), but since they were in a steamer pot it didn’t affect them much. They do not dry up and they do not rot in there. I found a steamer pot to be ideal for this purpose. You don’t have to buy separate sprouting containers for sprouting. Get a steamer pot instead, it’s so very multi-purpose. 

Sprouted mung beans are a good source of Vitamin K (34 mcg in 1 cup raw mung bean sprouts), vitamin C (14 mg in 1 cup of raw mung bean sprouts), Iron and Folate.

Mung bean sprouts can be used in salads, stir-fries, soups, or sandwiches. They can be used cooked or raw. Mung beans can be added to salads and sandwiches in a raw form. They are crispy and have a nutty flavor.

Raw (uncooked) mung bean sprouts can carry bacteria, so people with a weakened immune system, including children, pregnant, and elderly should avoid uncooked mung bean sprouts.

1 cup of mung beans will produce about 3.5 lb mung bean sprouts.


How to Sprout Mung Beans at home (without much effort)


How to sprout mung beans at home:

  1. Remove broken beans and stones from dried mung beans. Broken beans will not sprout and will only rot not letting other beans sprout. Stones will be hard to separate after beans sprout, so remove them before sprouting.
  2.  Wash and rinse the mung beans. Pour some filtered water over them and soak for 24 hours at room temperature. After that, wash and rinse.
  3. Wet the cheesecloth. Lay the cheesecloth inside the steamer tray. Spread the soaked mung beans on the cheesecloth.
  4. Place the steamer tray on the steamer pot. Cover the lid. Cover the lid with a dark towel.
  5. Sprinkle some water every 3-4 hours. The less you water, the slower it grows.
  6. On approximately day 5 the mung beans sprouts will be ready.
  7. Rinse the sprouts really well. Put them inside plastic bags and keep in the fridge for up to 7 days. After that time, they may start to turn brown.
  8. Make a sprout mung bean salad, soups, or other dishes using your sprouted mung beans.

What’s next? Make a Sprouted Mung Bean Salad!




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