How to improve Oxygen Levels in the body Naturally?

How to improve oxygen levels in the body? Oxygen not only provides every healthy cell with energy, but also aids in the healing of damaged skin, detoxifies skin cells, helps strengthen elastic fibers and collagen, and reduces inflammation. 

Over 62% of the human body consists of oxygen. 90% of our body energy is derived from oxygen. Our brain requires 20% of our oxygen needs. 

How to increase oxygen levels

How to improve oxygen levels in the body naturally?

The blood carries oxygen to every cell of ours. But when the blood is “dirty”, it cannot efficiently carry the oxygen. That’s why cleansing the blood would be a good idea (for example, using hidjama method). 

Also, there are some therapies that can help increase oxygen release from red blood cells. Some of them are Ozone therapy, Beck protocol, Chlorine dioxide therapy using MMS, Hydrogen peroxide therapy, RIFE Resonance therapy, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Negative oxygen ion therapy, and others. 

How to improve oxygen levels in the body naturally? 

To improve oxygen levels in the body naturally you can:

  1. Turn off the air conditioning or heat and open the windows to bring fresh air into your home or a workplace.
  2. Spend more time outdoors. Visit the mountains, the countryside, the ocean, or just go outside.
  3. How to increase oxygen levels in a room? Install an ozone negative ion air purifier at home. It oxygenates and purifies the air. 
  4. Try deep breathing exercises. You can try this exercise to improve your lung capacity: slowly breath in counting till 4, hold the air in your lungs counting till 12 (hold 12 counts), breath out slowly counting till 8. Repeat 10 times 2-3 times a day. Another exercise: use diaphragm, filling the lungs from the bottom to the top. Exhale completely. 


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